Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's about time - Feb. 7/10

For everyone who's wondering if we're still living in turmoil - we're not!!! I've been putting off posting the pictures of the place until it's looking more like we want it to in the end. Now it's the end!! Still lots of decorating to do, but that's the fun part. We're toasty warm, everything works and I still comment often to John that "I just LOVE my new house". We couldn't be happier. You never know at the outset how these things will work out, and even in the dead of winter, we're thrilled. Imagine how we'll feel when those summer breezes are blowing!! Here's some updated pictures of the downstairs - we'll save the upstairs for later when we're more settled up there. It's sleepable, but that's about it. I have such great plans ...

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