Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On it's way up - May 19/09

Too late to back out now! CDS arrived early and worked hard all day. They ran into more digging than anticipated so managed to get the beams installed under the cottage and raised it about 14", but the major hoist will happen tomorrow morning. Sure looks sad. I have to keep remembering to look forward, and not back.

A few of the reasons we love it here

All Dad's Hard Work - Gone - May 12/09

They came to remove all the concrete work at the back of the cottage today and dig around the foundation in preparation for the "raising". I wonder how many hours Dad worked on that back porch? Close inspection of the back wall of the building reveals why we were having "shifting" problems inside.

Moving Day - May 9/09

The kids all arrived to help us move the final furniture to the garage and POD. We had a "last toast" to the old cottage in the empty living room.