Monday, August 24, 2009

Look at it now - Aug. 24/09

The porch is going up by leaps and bounds! The roof was put on Friday and today they got the windows and door cut out and installed. They added the Typar and now we're just waiting for the inspection - hopefully tomorrow. It looks totally different from the old porch - it's going to take some "getting used to". I don't imagine it'll take long once we have a few chilly days this fall when we can still use it.

Hydro hookup/Wallboard delivery - Aug. 24/09

We are LIVE again. Can't believe it. There's even one plug inside that we can use already! Seems like we're just getting closer and closer. The wallboard for the downstairs was delivered this afternoon and they've gotten part of the downstairs done already. We'll be painting before we know it - oh, joy!