Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Finally Down and Safe - June 19/09

CDS did arrive nice and early on Friday. The lowering was much quicker than the raising - no surprise. The backhoe had to move the whole place over 1/2" by moving the steel beam. One guy from CDS said he had never seen a house fit so exactly on a new foundation - everything was nice and square - good job, Mike. CDS was able to determine the weight of the whole place - a whopping 40 tons. Each steel beam weighs 3 tons! It looks terrific - not at all as high as we were worried about. Now the fun part will begin - the renovations that make the visual difference.

The Scramble is On - June 17 & 18/09

We just got the news that CDS may arrive to lower the cottage on Friday instead of next Wednesday so the scramble is on to get the crawl space ready. Mike, Allan and John worked to get the old floor insulation down, and the pony walls (to hold the wall insulation) done so everything is ready in case CDS does come - keep hoping - we are!!