Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bye-bye Porch

The porch came down today in about three and a half hours and all fit into one trailer to go to the dump. It's VERY bright in the living room, and although the temperature was only 18 outside, with no porch to shade us, the inside temperature spiked to an uncomfortable 28!! The mosquito season has begun so we couldn't open the sliding doors either.


  1. Oh no, the end of an era. Wish we could have been there to say our goodbyes to the place. I have lots of good memories of the people and parties now long past. Looking forward to making new memories with you!


  2. Mosquitos already?? Looks like you're all having fun!

  3. Hope it warms up for you by the time you move into your "playhouse". I see you have A/C - quite the rig! This is gonna be Ruth & John's excellent adventure!